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Special Equipment Production

Our company develops and produces tools according to individual specifications and customer requests. An example of such a request: a controlling device which cleans the surfaces of small pieces.

click to zoomIt is possible to connect one tool with a maximum of 44 sources of current. Even if the physical conditions change in the cleaning water, the sources of current continue to supply a constant current. This constant current can be different for every source up to a maximum of 100mA.
A configurable timer controls the cleaning time. Different colored LED's inform the user about the work status of each source.

The controlling device can be used for anodic cleanings as well as for cathodic cleanings. Through the different colors of the front plates, you can easily distinguish them from each other: blue = cathodic cleaning, red = anodic cleaning.

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These tools are used under clean-room conditions, in a production line, for the final assembly of electrodes for cardiac pacemakers. It is possible clean up to twenty Multiple Electrode Headers at one time.

working place

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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