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Process Controlling

We work on accurate solutions for industrial automation while consistently using modern technology: e.g., computerized image processing and vision control.:

We have established coiling machines which automatically produce electrodes:

A video camera, which is connected to the coiling machine (see below), delivers a picture of the coiling to an industrial computer. This then uses computerized image processing to determine the position of the coiling point. The machine receives control data to correct the coiling, created from the control system that checks the position of the coiling point and its changes in real time. If errors like wire-breaking occur, the machine recognizes this and automatically stops. This results in a machine which runs automatically and accurately generates products.

Videopicture of the Turning Process

Videopicture of the Turning Process

control interface

The control monitor and the operating monitor show the change of the coiling point position over a certain time period (see picture below). The system is able to take notes about the working process; therefore, all machine influences can be controlled.

turning machine

An automatic coiling machine is used to produce electronic
wires for a cardiac pacemaker.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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